Having a website today is extremely important for supporting your brand awareness, attracting new clients and becoming more interactive with your community.

We create all of our websites to be user friendly, modern and compatible on all devices, such as Mobiles, iPad’s and Computers, ensuring your clients can access your website with ease. We include interactive features such as call to action buttons and quoting systems that get your clients to act in the present time without hesitation.

A domain is your URL like ours www.dalenco.com.au, Hosting is your bit of real estate on the internet, allowing your website to be live and active. With that, we offer continuous support for as long as your running your business for only $25 a month.

A Logo is the face of your business.

Simple, creative, colourful or bold, we cover all areas of Logo Design ensuring your logo gives off the most positive statement to your audience of what your business is all about.

Social Media is one of the best online tools to use when trying to attract new clients or keeping your current client base updated on any new projects, promotions or ideas.

We offer this unique service which allows us to create social media accounts and manage your social media for you, which includes anything from regular photo posts to boosting your page likes and community engagement.

Google, the most widely used search engine on the planet offers so many opportunities for promoting your brand. Google My Business works hand in hand with a brilliant website that is mobile optimised, secured and modern.
We see Google My Business as a powerful way to attract new clients.

We provide immaculate, long lasting results as we are constantly maintaining your placement on google once your listing is fully optimised.

A website SSL certificate is the padlock to your website, ensuring your information, as well as your clients information is protected at all times. This service is not compulsory unless you have an e commerce website where credit card information is required. However, it gives that extra security for any business as it acts as a trust seal for your potential clients. We offer this service for only $150 a year.

Whether your in need of Business Cards, Pamphlets, Brochures, Banners or anything printing, we have you covered! We can have it delivered to your door in a short period of time! Talk to our friendly team about pricing and quantity today.

Are you in need of updating your current low resolution/ pixelated logo to give it a second life? Creating it into a extremely high resolution image that is great for printing in larger sizes, such as signage and other marketing needs.

Nobody wants to have to guess who you are and what you do.

There is no better time to revamp your business branding!

Want to give your website a more personal touch? We create original cartoon characters for you and your business to display your look in an animated way, giving your potential clients an idea of who you are and what your business is all about, helping them understand and trust who they will be dealing with.

Not only will this allow your customers to put their trust in you, but it also gives your business a distinctive edge over your competition.

Want your business summed up in a short animated video to incorporate into your website or to use for other marketing purposes?

These videos can be used to explain –

– Who you are!

– What services you provide!

-What your process is!

These are a great way to interact with your community and to get your message across in a short amount of time.

Logo Animation Videos are a powerful way to give your business a competitive advantage over your completion, while boosting your brand awareness more than an image can do.


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